65% increase in FDI to Africa in 2014 (vs 2013)

“Regionally, Africa witnessed the largest increase in inward investment in 2014 versus 2013, at 65 per cent. Egypt, Morocco and Mozambique saw large increases in project numbers, while Egypt, Angola, Morocco, Ghana and Zambia all moved into the top 10 destinations in the region by capital investment, replacing Iraq, Jordan, Ethiopia, Algeria and Kenya, countries that have been affected by geopolitical uncertainty or security issues. Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa saw decreases in their project numbers.”


Quel systeme bancaire pour l’Afrique?

Article de Frederic Nze sur le systeme bancaire en Afrique dans Geopolitique Africaine.

“Au moment où le continent Africain génère un intérêt renouvelé, et  apparaît  comme  le  dernier  espace  de  croissance  et d’industrialisation, il est intéressant de se poser la question de savoir comment et par qui se structurera son système bancaire.”

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