FinTech ecosystems (London, Berlin, Tel Aviv)

I am currently working on a new project on FinTech, funded by the British Academy (sept 18-dec 20).

Title of the projectAn analysis of the impact of FinTech on the financial services industry: a comparison of three FinTech hubs (London, Berlin, Tel Aviv)

Abstract: FinTech, or Financial Technology, is revolutionizing the provision of financial services. The sector is growing fast and is disrupting incumbent financial systems and corporations. It has the potential to provide cheaper and more efficient financial services. This research aims to analyse the specific ecosystem enabling the development and diffusion of FinTech and examine the impact of FinTech on the financial services sector, and in particular banks. A comparative analysis of the capabilities and business models of Fintech companies and traditional banks will be conducted, focusing on two traditional banking segments, lending and personal finance, in three leading FinTech hubs: London (UK), Berlin (Germany) and Tel Aviv (Israel). These three hubs each have a different ecosystem and banking market structure suggesting a different impact of FinTech on the financial services industry. The study will rely on primary data from interviews with bank managers and FinTechs entrepreneurs in the three hubs considered.