Mobile Money Conference London 13/10/17

Mobile money is a potentially transformational financial innovation which has seen a rapid adoption in emerging economies but its effects on financial inclusion and macroeconomic development are not yet well understood.

IGC, with support from the LSE’s Department of Management, hosted a Mobile Money and Financial Development Conference to explore the development and impact of mobile money on emerging markets and developing economies. This conference was an impact event building on a three-year research initiative at the London School of Economics led by Saul Estrin (LSE), Susanna Khavul (San Jose State University/LSE), and Adeline Pelletier (Goldsmiths/LSE).

The conference panels focused on three core questions: How can the positive spillovers of mobile financial services on the domestic economy be enhanced? What is the role of the institutional and regulatory context in facilitating the spread and adoption of mobile payment services? And what part can be played by the organisational structure of mobile payment providers and their network of agents in the successful diffusion of mobile money.

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