My research interests lie at the intersection of Corporate strategy, Business Economics, and Financial Development.


Emerging Economy MNEs: How does home country munificence matter? With Saul Estrin and Klaus Meyer. Journal of World Business. Online March 2018. [download]

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  1. Mobile Payment Services in developing countries: firm capabilities and financial development”. With Saul Estrin and Susanna Khavul.
  2. “Disruptive Innovation in Emerging Markets: The case of Mobile Money”.  With Saul Estrin and Susanna Khavul.
  3. “Foreign companies in Africa: from extracting to diversifying. A home country analysis of investment strategies”.
  4.  “Information in Online Labour Markets”. With Catherine Thomas.


“Essays on performance, corporate financial strategy and organization of multinational banks in Africa”

My PhD thesis can be found here: [PhD]

My PhD thesis has consisted of three inter-related research projects. In the first chapter I examined the financial performance of multinational banks in Africa using panel data over a 10-year period. In the second chapter I analyzed internal capital market practices of banks in South Africa. The third part of the research explores the relations between multinational banks’ headquarters and their subsidiaries located in sub-Saharan Africa through a bank survey. I also examined the lending practices of banks in Africa, especially with regards to SMEs.

To collect data I conducted fieldwork in Kenya (September-November 2013), Tanzania (November-December 2013) and Ghana (March 2014). I was based at the IGC in Tanzania and at the Institut Francais de Recherche en Afrique in Nairobi, Kenya.

Cape Town – Mouille Point