My research interests lie at the intersection of Corporate strategy, Business Economics, and Financial Development.


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  1. “Emerging Economy MNEs: How does home country maturity matter?”. With Saul Estrin and Klaus Meyer
  2. Mobile Payment Services in developing countries: firm capabilities and financial development”. With Saul Estrin and Susanna Khavul.
  3. “Disruptive Innovation in Emerging Markets: The case of Mobile Money”.  With Saul Estrin and Susanna Khavul.
  4. “Foreign companies in Africa: from extracting to diversifying. A home country analysis of investment strategies”.


“Essays on performance, corporate financial strategy and organization of multinational banks in Africa”

My PhD thesis can be found here: [PhD]

My PhD thesis has consisted of three inter-related research projects. In the first chapter I examined the financial performance of multinational banks in Africa using panel data over a 10-year period. In the second chapter I analyzed internal capital market practices of banks in South Africa. The third part of the research explores the relations between multinational banks’ headquarters and their subsidiaries located in sub-Saharan Africa through a bank survey. I also examined the lending practices of banks in Africa, especially with regards to SMEs.

To collect data I conducted fieldwork in Kenya (September-November 2013), Tanzania (November-December 2013) and Ghana (March 2014). I was based at the IGC in Tanzania and at the Institut Francais de Recherche en Afrique in Nairobi, Kenya.

Cape Town – Mouille Point