I have presented my research at the following conferences and seminars:

2018 Academy of Management Conference, “From Start-up to Scale Up”, Tel Aviv (12/2018)

IGC/LSE, Mobile Money Conference (10/2017)

University of Cape Town, African Institute of Financial Markets and Risk Management (11/2015)

University of Stellenbosch, Department of Economics (11/2015)

International Finance and Banking Society 2015 Oxford Conference (Said Business School, Oxford University, 09/2015)

4th Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Doctoral Consortium (Bocconi University, 09/2014)

Academy of Management, 2014 Annual Meeting (Philadelphia, 08/2014)

LSE Africa Summit (London School of Economics and Political Science, London, 04/2014)

XXII International Conference on Money, Banking and Finance (LUISS University Rome, 12/2013)

5th International Finance and Banking Society Conference (University of Nottingham, 06/2013)

Annual Conference of the European International Business Academy (University of Sussex, 12/2012)

Annual Conference of the International Institute for Population Sciences (Mumbai, 12/2006)